Our Timber

I was born to love timber, even if I didn't realize in the beginning. I have grown up surrounded by it, from the house I lived in to the furniture dad made. It wasn't until I was in my 30's that I really became to appreciate it. WA has some amazing and beautiful timbers, many of which are unique and only found here. I now see timber everywhere, whether it is recognizing a tree or appreciating a timber finish.



Eucalyptus marginata

With Jarrah's beautiful warm tones it is a highly prized West Australian timber. It is only found in southern WA and can grow to 40m high. It has a remarkable resistance to rot and has been used to make hot tubs.



Corymbia calophylla

Also called Bloodwood due to the large amounts of sap running through the timber, Marri is another tree only found in WA. They are also know for their "honkey nuts" a WA favorite. It typically grows to 40m high but can reach 60m high. The timber is honey colored and has a unique vein structure.



Allocasuarina fraseriana

Sheoak is the third of our timbers that we use that is also only found in Western Australia (we are pretty lucky). It is more of a coastal tree, and only grows to about 15m high. Early settlers of Western Australia used Sheoak timber for roof shingles. Today, the timber is prized for its broad medullary rays, the sapwood is a pale yellow colour and the heartwood is dark-red to brown.